What’s there?

Tumbling Bay Play Area sits within the Olympic Park, a short walk from Stratford International Station. The play areas are divided into sections.

There is a wooded area which has high wooden structures that support rope bridges, large nets, swings and challenging climbing equipment. Gaskell’s Fort presents a challenging climb, and it’s more suited to older, more confident, children and adults.

Close to the cafe and toilets you will find the sandpit and water areas. The sandpit has several buckets on runners to move the sand around the sandpit. This offers the children and excellent opportunity to develop communication skills and encourages teamwork. There is seating around the sandpit so that adults can watch and support their children.

Under the wobbly bridge and around the corner you will find the amazing water play area. With dams, gullys, water pumps and natural features there is plenty to keep children entertained for hours. So roll up those sleeves and trouser legs and get ready to paddle and play. Or if you’re feeling really organised, bring your water kit and towels.

Being part of the Olympic Park, Tumbling Bay is close to the beautifully landcaped gardens, lakes and walkways which are perfect for picnics.

There are some picnic tables and benches close to the cafe and play areas, with a few more dotted around the Olympic Park. Bring your picnic blanket so you can find just the right spot.

The toilets are located next to the cafe, near the sandpit and water play areas. Should you need anything else Westfield, Stratford City, Shopping Centre is approximately 10 minute walk away.

The closest train stations are Stratford International (10 minute walk), Stratford DLR (20 minute walk) and Hackney Wick (20 minute walk).

For more infomraion about the Tumbling Bay Play area visit the Olympic Park Website

Close by

Pleasure Gardens play area is also within the Olympic Park and offers a climbing wall and fountain that can be played in.

Rope netting climbing adventure between the branches with swing hanging underneath at tumbling bay play area
grassy gardens surrounding the play area at tumbling bay perfect for picnics
large suspended bridge that stretches across the sand pit close tot he cafe at tumbling bay park
tumbling bays sandpit with hoists and buckets for moving sand around
Tumbling Bays Gaskell's Fort wooden and rope play area
the large water play area at tumbling bay

How to find it…

Olympic Park Avenue, London E20 1DY

What to take

  • Picnic Blanket
  • Towel and swim/water kit
  • Buckets and spades (these can be purchased from the cafe)
  • Small boat to play in the water with.

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