What’s there?

Whatman Park was built in 2001 with lottery funding and is a beautiful setting along the River Medway, just outside Maidstone town centre. There is a range of play equipment available here. There is a pirate themed boat including sand pit, slides and swings, raised walk ways through the trees and a large play area with zip lines, bank slides and assault course. there is also a skate park here, ideal for older families.

The toilets are at the main entrance to the park and a fair walk from the play equipment, so make sure you’ve used the facilities before you start exploring. Parking here can be difficult to navigate, please refer to the Maistone council website for more infomration on this.

The park offers a large covered ampitheatre where the local council and other groups put on events.

Maidstone barracks is the closest train station to this park.

Close by

There is a retail park a short walk from the park that offers cafes and shopping.

The park is just over a mile from Maidstone town centre where a wide variety of cafes and shops can be found.

Childrens play area with hill slides, large climbing frame and zipwires
Smaller childrens play area with pirate theme, swings and sandpit
beautiful tree by the rivers edge
Picture of the pirate themed play area
Partially covered ampitheatre and grassy lawn
Wooden treetop and woodlan walkway

How to find it…

Whatman Park, Waterside Gate, Maidstone, ME16 0GB

What to take

Check out the website for infomration regarding their activity timetable and special events. Here’s a list of things you might want to take with you:

  • Wellies; for muddy walks in the woods,
  • Footballs, frisbees, rounders sets,
  • A scavenger hunt list,
  • A picnic blanket, there is not a lot of seating here.
  • A potty for younger visitors who might not make it back to the main entrance for the toilets.
  • Small buckets and spades for the sandpit.

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