What’s there?

Lordswood Play Area sits next to the North Dane Way on the edge of Lordswood. There are some swings, slides, climbing frames and a see-saw within the fenced off play area. There are several picnic benches here too.

Behind the play area there is a large playing field perfect for flying kites, playing ball games or frisbee. There is also a woodland that has a bridleway and public right of way through it. This wooded area offers lots of fun to those with a little imagination. You could just walk through and enjoy the natural sounds of birds and rustling leaves and the shade provided by the trees. Or you could go on a Bear Hunt! See if you can find the Gruffalo! Or take some string and make your own Stick Man and Stick family, who could have adventures in the wood. Get inspired by your child’s favourite story and bring it to life in these lovely woods.

Parking here is on the road, or in the Lordswood Leisure Centre Car Park. The closest toilets are in Lordswood Leisure Centre. There is a small parade of shops under a mile from the park between Sultan Road and Kestrel Road. There are several buses that will take you into Lordswood, close to this park.

Close by

Lordswood Bowling Alley is under a mile away and great for some budget bowling.

Lordswood Leisure Centre is next to this park and woodland and offers a range of facilities.

Capstone Farm Country Park is 1.5 miles away.

View across the playing field at Lordswood Play area
The play equipment in Lordswood play area, swings, slides, climbing frames and see-saw.
Wide view across the large playing field that sits behind Lordswood play area
Inside the woods behind Lordswood Play area
Looking up in to the tall trees in the woodland behind lordswood play area
The smaller climbing frame and picnic benches at Lordswood play area

How to find it…

North Dane Way, Lordswood, Chatham, ME58YE. Please note: The park is to the right of the leisure centre on the map oppostie Albemarle Road.

What to take

  • A football or rugby ball,
  • A cricket or rounders set,
  • A kite.
  • Wellies in wet weather
  • Some string for making a Stick Man