What’s there?

Oare Gunpowder Works closed in 1934 and was left abandoned for many years. It is now a beautiful Country Park set within the grounds of the old gunpowder factory. Some of the old buildings have been restored, while others have been left as ruins and reminders of the past. Throughout the park you will see the canals and waterways that were used for transporting the volatile gunpowder and its components around the site during manufacture. Inside some of the buildings you will find examples of the equipment used by the manufacturers to produce the gunpowder. Throughout the park there are information stands detailing the use of each building and its importance in the gunpowder manufacturing process.

Oare Gunpowder Works Country Park offers a green and leafy oasis, with trickling brooks and manmade canals side by side. There is an abundance of wildlife here if you have the time to stop and look for it. There is a very peaceful quality to this park, little road noise, and plenty of bird song.

The paths around the park are mostly compacted earth, with some wooden walkways and steps. There are several trails around the park, one is designed to avoid steps making it easily accessible with a pushchair. The visitors center houses a museum, detailing the history of Oare Gunpowder Works and how it and its manufacturing processes changed over the years. You will also find the public toilets and a small gift shop here too. Parking is free.

For more information about opening times and forthcoming events visit the Oare Gunpowder Works Country Park Website

Faversham train station is 1.5 miles away (30 minute walk).

Close by

There is no play area at Oare Gunpowder Works Country Park, however a short drive away (2 min) you will find West Faversham Community Centre, which has a small children’s play area outside. Across the road from this is a large Sainsbury’s should you need to pick up any last minute picnic supplies.

Faversham town centre is approximately 1.5 miles away and offers more shops and children’s play areas to enjoy.

The Fluer de Lis Heritage Centre is also in Faversham, 1.3 miles from the park. It offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about Faversham’s past, admission charges apply.

One of the waterways used at OArre Gunpowder works to move the gunpowder components around the site
A beautiful bridge crossing noe of the waterways that were used for moving gunpowder around Oare Gunpowder Works
A wooden bridge and the leafy trees that cover Oare Gunpowder Works Country Park
Oare Gunpowder Works Country Parks raised wakway tat takes you around some of the old factory buildings
A sunny spot in a clearing where you can sit and eat your picnic at Oare Gunpowder Works Country Park
The grinding platforms at Oare Gunpowder Works

How to find it…

Oare Gunpowder Works Country Park, Western Link, Faversham, ME13 7UD.

What to take

  • Picnic blanket
  • Plenty of water (as there is no cafe on site)
  • Wellies if the weather has been wet
  • Binoculars to find those birds and animals that might be hiding.

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