What’s there?

Broomhill Park is a hidden gem in residential Strood. It has several entrances from the surrounding roads, but there is a free car park at the end of King Aurtur’s Drive (just off Cliffe Road). From the car park you are surrounded by shady woodland and not too far from the children’s play areas.

There are 2 children’s play areas here. One that is gated and has lots of equipment suitable for children of all ages and abilities. From bouncy insect themed equipment to climbing frames and swings. Adjancent to this, in the woodland, there is another play area mainly constructed from wood and rope. Providing some excellent climbing opportunities and places to hide.

There are lots of paved pathways around the park; a 1 km walk is mapped out, and a fitness trail can be followed around part of the park. As this park is on a hill expect some steep slopes and stairs as you move around the park.

There are no public toilets at the park, but you can use the Medway Council website to find your closest facilities. The park offers plenty of seating, particularly around the view point, looking across the River Medway to Rochester. There are a few picnic benches, but why not bring your picnic blanket so that you can find the perfect spot to enjoy your food.

The park is just over a mile from Strood train station, approximately 25 minute walk, if you enter the park from the end of Clarendon Drive. There are well serviced bus stops on Cliffe Road and Brompton Farm Road, that will also get you close to the park.

Close by

Strood Town centre and train station are about 1 mile away.

Rede Common is approximately 1 mile away if you fancy some peace a quiet.

Children's play park in the wooded area.
Chilrdren's play park in the wooded area.
Children's play area.
Children's play area equipment; bouncy bugs and swings.
Multi-games court on the level grassy field
Beautiful grassy banks, perfect for picnics.

How to find it…

King Authur’s Drive, Strood, Rochester, ME2 3LZ.

What to take

  • Footballs, basketballs etc for use in the multi-game court.
  • Picnic blanket, so you can find the perfect spot to enjoy the view.

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