What’s there?

There is a lot to see and do here at the Riverside Leisure Area. As you walk towards the park from the pay and display car park you will find a large flat playing field, perfect for ball games, and the skate park. To the left of the park entrance you will find New Tavern Fort and gardens which also encompasses the oldest building in Gravesend; Milton Chantry, which can be enjoyed for free.

The main park has a large fishing lake with fountain, and the first of the children’s play areas can be found close to the lake. This park is aimed at older children with complex climbing structures and a spinning swing. Next to the Promenade Cafe there is another play park aimed at much younger children with a lovely climbing frame with slides and some swings. There are several large patches of grass along the river embankment, perfect for picnics. To the western end of the river promenade you will find a large outdoor gym, multi-use games area and low climbing wall. There is also a shady, wild area with another pool and bridge to be enjoyed away from the main park.

There are several benches located around the park, a few with tables, but it is worth bringing your own picnic blanket so you can sit where you find a spot to enjoy. There is a large toilet block next to the Promenade Cafe, by the river. Parking is pay and display.

New Tavern Fort

New Tavern Fort is an 18th Century military fort that was put in place to compliment the older Tilbury Fort, on the Essex coast, to protect the River Thames and London from marauding ships making their way up the river. It has many of the artillary batteries still in place, from cannons to anti-aircraft guns. The gardens and emplacements can be explored for free. You can pay to walk around the tunnels within the fort, and discover more of the history, on weekends between April - Septemeber see the Discover Gravesham Website for more details.

Gravesham Council Website

Close by

Milton Chantry, the oldest building in Gravesend, is now a free museum documenting some of the history of the building and the area.

Gravesend town centre is a short walk from the park.

View of the lake and park from New Tavern Fort
New Tavern Fort Emplacement
Gun Batteries overlooking the River Thames
Seconadry pond and pretty bridge
View of the park along the riverside promenade, showing the cafe and play park
Cannon and anti-aircraft gun on the bank of the fort

How to find it…

Milton Pl, Gravesend DA12 2BT

What to take

There are lots of large green spaces here to enjoy ball games.

The pavements are quite wide and flat, perfect for cycling, skate boarding and rollerskating.