What’s there?

A short walk from the car park you will find a lovely view point in a meadow where you can sit and enjoy your picnic looking out over the Medway River and beyond. The nature reserve has lots of mature woodland to explore with narrow winding paths, steps and slopes. There are spots to have a go at den building or you could do a scavenger hunt. There are a few patches of grassland that are great for grasshopper catching, butterfly spotting or sitting down to have a rest and eat your picnic. If you visit Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserves website before you arrive you can find a trail map, activities and identificaton cards for the wildlife and plantlife you can find while you are there.

Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve is not really suitable for wheelchair users or pushchairs (we took our youngest in a sling) and you will need to make sure you have appropriate footwear for the weather. There are no facilities here, so make sure you bring plenty or water. Strood town centre is approximately 2 miles away should you need anything.

Cuxton train station is just over 1 mile from Ranscombe Nature Reserve.

Close by

Bligh Way Park can be accessed from the nature reserve, but it is a good 30-40 minute walk from the car park.

Strood Town centre is just over 2 miles away and offers a good selection of shops and supermarkets.

narrow path through the wood at Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve
View from the meadow, at Ranscombe Farm, across Cuxton
Beautiful Blackberries ready in the late summer in Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve
Narrow path through Ranscombe Farm Nature reserve
Tall old trees and bramble hedges lining the path in a clearing in Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve.
View of the Medway Bridge across the meadow at Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve.

How to find it…

Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve, Cuxton, Rochester, ME2 1LA

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