What’s there?

There is so much to see and do here it is truly is a treasure trove. The museum is laid out into 4 coloured zones;

  • Blue Zone explores the diversity of life on Earth now and in the past. From the beautiful skeleton of the Blue Whale to the question of whether dinosaurs were feathered?
  • Green Zone delves into the evolutionary history of our planets ecosystems. Looking at archeological evidence for evolutionary change in our planets diverse array of biology. Go down to the Investigate lab where you can get hands on and discover and explore some of the museum artifacts.
  • Red Zone identifies how the physical and chemical forces of the Earth; like Volcanoes and Earthquakes have shaped our planet and the way we live. Marvel over beautiful gemstones and precious ores.
  • Yellow Zone discover more of the Museums’ specimens close up and ask questions you have always wanted to know the answer to. Or take a stroll through the beautiful wildlife garden, and see how many of its’ inhabitants you can identify.

Use the Science Museums’ Map to help you plan which exhibits and galleries you woud like to visit.

The museum has toilets throughout and is completely accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs.

There are several places to eat within the museum, there are also benches lining many of the corridors for those who have brought their own lunch. An indoor picnic area is available for use over lunch time (12:00 - 14:00) during weekends and school holidays.

There are always events on at the museum and they are constantly changing the exhibits in their “paid-for” galleries. Check out their website for more details or have a browse through the Twitter feed below.

The closest tube station is South Kensington, this is only a short walk away either using the tunnels or over ground. Please be aware that there are several staircases from the platform at South Kensington to street level.

Close by

The Science Museum is right next door to the Natural History Museum.

The Victoria and Albert Museum is across the road from the Natural History Museum.

Kensington Gardens is approximately a 10 minute walk away from the museums if you are in need of some quiet greenery, and space to run around.

There are many other wonderful places in local area to visit.

Animatronic T-rex at the Natural History Museum
Bugs and Beasties fromteh Creepy Crawlies gallery
Skeleton of a dinosaur from the Dinosaurs gallery
Journey through the Earth esculator.

How to find it…

Cromwell Road, Kensington, London.

What to take

You don’t really need to take much more than your curiosity to the wonderful place of Science and Learning.

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